Manchester and Cheshire Wedding Photographer
Loves weddings. And photography. Delights in them.
Covid-19 Special. Just £495 for half day weddings.
10% to the homeless or charity of your choice.

This Manchester Wedding Photographer in action. Basic videos taken to show how I work. No hold-ups, no fussing, no hassles. I get the job done efficiently and pretty quickly for you. That's important.
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About This Manchester Wedding Photographer

I have been a wedding photographer for 20 years. It was through hairstyling as a career that I first became enamoured with photography in a professional way although I have always had a camera with me since I was around 15 years of age. I love photography. Capturing a moment in time. One that would later fade in memory if it were not defined, captured, beautifully, forever.

As your wedding photographer I will leave a very positive, happy vibe on every last person. I am helpful and willing, happy to go the extra ten miles or so for your Family and guests, and yourselves. My style, as you can see, is mainly reportage' type, natural, stealth photography with a few classical images for good measure. Monochrome images included. I'm affordable and great value for money.

I make it easy for all by working quickly, unobtrusively, effectively. Even the group images only take minutes due to my organisational skills and ten to twenty minutes with the newlyweds to capture some beautiful moments together, and solo. It's important that your photographer works effectively and never holds up any part of your day. People always appreciate that. No-one will have a negative thing to say about me. It's often mentioned how well and hard I work by guests, and always by my deighted clients.

I can also video your wedding for you and save you a small fortune. Your 20 - 30 minute video will be "Contemporary", "Funky", for want of better words, and quite compelling. It's quite easy to do as my cameras are video enabled and I bring a small videocamera for your guests to let loose and assist me. I think they will love it. My videos above are just quick set-up promo videos. Yuk! ; o }

I charge just £250 extra for this service and hasten to add, it will not be a £1.000 plus video spectacular. But you will love it. I promise. I know, and have worked with a couple of exceptional videographers if you wish to pay for a full production of outstanding presentation.

I love this work so much that I price my services to help save you money and get far more, for quite a lot less. I hope you contact me...

Full Day Wedding Attendance

Your full day wedding photography special. Very special. I arrive at your home, or hotel, in time to capture the Brides preparations.  8am? 10am? You get to call the shots. I get to take them. I will be with you and "shadowing" you, so to speak, until your 1st dances and later. I politely and quietly, capture your beautiful day, without intrusion and with great stealth. 

I will not offend anyone, make a fuss, slow down proceedings or refuse to take images that are requested. Why would anyone do that? We have all heard the stories.......

Everyone will mention my helpful, happy attitude and the way I quietly graft all day. Everyone will love your wedding images.

A full day from a.m to late. About 12 hours. 300 - 350 final images on 2 USB keyring pen-drives with your images. Takes two to tango!
Lifetime security of you images. Stored privately on several back-ups, eternally yours. Just ask if you need copies. Includes 1 full day, or more, of choosing, editing and preparation. About 20 hours all in. £1.250.00. (£60 an hour for 20 years experience)

*NOW £995 with 30% deposit for 2020/2021 or make me a serious offer! My next 5 clients only. Manchester areas only.

As mentioned, for a modest but delightful video of your wedding I charge just £250 extra. It will be delightful. You will love it. This can save you around £1.000 on videography but obviously your video montage will not be "Top level" videography. But it will be special.

£250.00 for a modest but delightful 20 - 30 minute wedding video. Save a fortune on wedding videography. It's not difficult for me to do this as my cameras are video-enabled, I have them with me at all times and I "shadow" your entire day. Your family will aslo be having fun, getting the extra footage. The videos displayed were the beginning of my video add-on. Both are "Normal" but captured quickly to show me working, for the benefit of my visitors. The idea was born.....

You video will be "Funky", "Hip", "Dramatic", "Engaging", "Hand-held", "Different". It will not be a £1.000 + (BBC standard) masterpiece, but you will love it. I put my heart and soul into your wedding......

Add a gorgeous Wedding Book/Album from just £245.00 for awesome beauty to £1.000 + for Royalty quality and materials. Such extravagance. Parent albums? Really inexpensive. Full day bookings receive 2 for FREE with your wedding album creation. Due to the cost to me of materials and time, this unique offer of 2 parents albums comes only with full day shoots.

Half Day Weddings Photography

Less than full day wedding photography shoots. Afternoon/evening wedding? It is impossible for any wedding photographer to offer 2 or 3 hours as we then have to sadly turn down full day shoots. I am happy to capture your wedding from noon onwards from just £750 with some 300 final images. I will of course be with you until your first dances and later. My fee for capturing your wedding is usually less cost than many other professionals because the reward of knowing I have delighted you, all your family, and your guests and friends, for generations, is priceless. I keep my fees as low as I can, for you and for my love of wedding photography.

Please inspect my images and decide for yourself. We can arrange an Online meet-up to discuss and you can then, after consideration, in your own time, decide. Saves you on my travel expenses. Or you could meet me for coffee in Didsbury, view my album, have a chat and seek advice. I can even take a few FREE shots of you both in my park, one minute from the coffee shop, costs you nothing and no obligation. My pleasure.... 

Please fill in my form or contact me on messenger. Thank you.

CONTACT MARK. The sooner the better due to busy schedule.....

Leave nothing to chance. Your wedding images are priceless.